Deer Velvet Antler: A 2000 Year Old Aphrodisiac

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Boost Your Sexual Health, Desire and Technique: Reality or Legend?

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For centuries people have searched for ways to enhance sexual desire, sexual health and sexual techniques. Foods, plants, drugs, animal parts; it has all been tried.

This sites seeks to explore some of the background, myths, legends and reality of products and techniques that have been termed in ancient and modern times to be "aphrodisiacs".

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Six senses you may ask. What are they?

Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch, Taste and, last but not least, the Mind, the most important receptor for aphrodisiacs.

Aphrodisiacs may influence these senses singly or in combination. What better way to stimulate and improve your sexual desire, health and technique.

According to The Dictionary of Aphrodisiacs by H. E. Wedeck, the term aphrodisiac comes from the myth of the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, who sprang forth from the sea on an oyster shell. The myth crowns her as the epitome of sexual desire.

Some researchers say different kinds of herbs and plants are known to increase sexual arousal. Other doctor's use herbal and natural treatments in there clinics. They believe natural treatments, in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, can enhance one's sex drive and treat impotence.Treatments include cajun extracts, ginkgo baloba and ginseng, are used to increase circulation. Another famous natural love treatment is Yohimbie.

Safer so-called aphrodisiacs consist of foods like bananas, carrots and asparagus, which are shaped like sexual organs and eaten by some to enhance sexual desire.

The sense of smell can also have an effect on people. The simple smell of a woman can make some people stop and turn their heads. Different essential oils, lotions and perfumes can create certain sensations for those using and smelling them. Aromatherapy products like ylang-ylang are derived from fresh flowers before being distilled and turned into an oil.

It's the simplest recipe of all that creates sexual arousal. Communication can be the best aphrodisiac. Being able to be intimate with your partner so you can let each other know what pleases you or turns you on is a powerful aphrodisiac. The ability to relate to another person through eye contact is also a sensuous aphrodisiac.

Other claimed aphrodisiacs include the consumption of animal parts. Oysters have been popular since the 17th century and are still used today to increase sexual desire. There are a number of spicy recipes: dried black ants or dried lizards mixed with olive oil; the blood of any poisonous snake, which is served with hard liquor or simply sucked right out of the tail; the genitalia of certain animals. The legend of Spanish Fly dates back to the Roman Empire.

Other sex drive stimulators include deer velvet antler removed from deer and powdered rhino horns. Eating animal parts may seem disgusting to some, but others are willing to try a few recipes for pleasure's sake.The Chinese have been consuming deer velvet antler for 3000years. Look at their population now!!!

What's the latest love solution? Is it Viagra, the most current drug used to facilitate a male erection in conjunction with sexual stimuli? Are sex toys, used throughout history, the spice that you need to add to your love life?

Read on and find out more about the aphrodisiacs discussed here. Click on the relevant topic in the aphrodisiac index to your left.

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